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Please fill out my screening form if you're interested in scheduling an appointment. In order to schedule, your name & place of business are REQUIRED (picture of your photo ID & work ID to confirm you do work there). At times I will accept references if they are from SEVERAL RECENT (within 6 months) verified providers (providers must have their own websites, strong online presence, and easily verified). 

 I understand that this process may seem daunting to some, but please be aware that in order for me to feel safe enough to meet you, I do require this information. It is for both my safety and your own, and I guarantee your information is safe with me. I have been around 15+ years, and have no desire to hurt or tarnish my reputation by engaging in nefarious behavior. Remember, my reputation is everything in this industry :) 

If you're not comfortable sending info through my form, you are more than welcome to email or text me your DL/ID and work info, but I will still need the remainder of the form filled out, including rate acceptance, cancellation policy and acceptance, and agreeance to not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol If you are unwilling to be screened, plz continue on and find another lady. I am unwilling to put my safety in jeopardy and will not make any exceptions for anyone. Plz ensure you introduce yourself, include date/time you are interested in booking, as well as whether seeking in or outcall. Please ensure you have read my cancellation policy prior to scheduling with me.

Thank you. 


Again, I see those who are 35 yrs of age or older. I sometimes make exceptions for those 28+, BUT, you must show me the level of maturity I am seeking in our initial contact. 

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